Could your skin use a boost?

In case you find it hard to make a choice between our different treatments book than "Treatment in consultation" and choose the right treatment for your type of skin together with our skincoach. 

  • Skin cleansing
  • Shoulder and neck massage
  • Remove impurities

Age Repair € 92.50


Specific first class beauty treatment aimed at the fight against the first signs of skin aging. You will also experience a delightful massage during this facial treatment. 

  • Smoothens the surface of the skin and stimulates the production of new skin cells
  • The cell renewal and the cell repair will be activated and dark spots will diminish
  • The skin will feel tighter and firmer 
  • Skin type: not suitable for a thin and sensitive skin 
Cleansing, removing impurities, vitamin C serum, epilation/wax, facial/shoulder/neck massage with collagen serum, hand massage, collagen fleece mask, eye care, day care, skin advice, 70 minutes


Lifting for men 68.00

'3 rejuvenating effects: anti wrinkle, revitalising, firming.' A real recommendation if you have a party the next day and want to shine!

  • Lifting treatment
  • Hydrating
  • Skin type: mature skin
The skin will be massaged firmly with a special collagen serum. Afterwards we finish the facial treatment with a lifting, firming and remodelling mask with sea collagen, which lets itself be removed as a second skin. Cleansing, enzymes peeling, removing excessive hair (eyebrows, ears, nose), warm towel, removing impurities, anti-aging serum, facial/shoulder/neck massage, facial mask, eye care, day care, skin advice, 65 minutes. 


Skin Boost 54.00

'A boost for the skin within 60 minutes'

Your skin needs attention. The male skin differs from the female skin in structure, sensitivity and sebum production. To get a pure, fresh and good skin we have put together a 55 minutes treatment especially for you. 

  • Cleansing basic treatment
  • Steam treatment
  • Skin type: all skin types
Cleansing, enzymes peeling, removing excessive hair (eyebrows, ears, nose), steam treatment, removing impurities, anti-aging serum, scalp massage, facial mask, shoulder/neck massage, day care, skin advice, 55 minutes. 


Men-a-cure € 30.00

Especially for men, a 25 minutes manicure treatment. We take care of your nails, cuticles and hands. 


Men's Health arrangement 109.00

Especially for men who need a periodic inspection!

  • Combination treatment
  • Facial, pedicure, manicure
  • Skin type: all skin types

George Clooney, Brad Pitt and David Beckam do it, so why wouldn't you? Making free time to have face, hand and feet nicely been taken care of. A combination of the 'Skinboost', 'Men-a-cure' and a caring pedicure treatment. You will feel as a reborn man!